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Have you ever thought of tasting delicious foods in Sushi restaurants? Sushi is of different varieties and to taste them, many people seem to be usually highly interested. Sushi restaurants have become more popular among current generation. These foods are highly loved with the new emerging generation. People are fond of tasting foods that are rich in high seasonings. In such case, sushi gives the best taste that one eagerly looks forward to. Mostly foodies are more inclined towards the sushi varieties. To solve all these needs of a foodie person, we, at Samba Framingham provide the tempting food items with complete hygienic.

We are one of the leading Sushi Restaurants in Framingham. Here you can discover many new varieties of foods that are of sushi style. You will definitely experience a different feel with unbelievable taste you might have never experienced before. The Sushi items cooked by our chefs are mouth watering. So, the taste will definitely vary from other restaurants. It gives a sour taste with fabulous traditional taste. Our chefs prepare Sushi items with rice topped with many other ingredients that smells really good.

The food items are also garnished with fantastic ideas. The tomatoes, carrot, cucumber garnished with fishes as main dish will be tasty to eat. You won’t be able to resist and will end up ordering for more. Experience the amazing foods that are available in our restaurants and enjoy the delicious sushi items that have become the talk of the town. Visit with hope and enjoy the awesome and delicious dishes at Samba Framingham.


Our Testimonial

The food is fantastic, go early on the weekend if you are not interested in the dance club atmosphere. By 8pm karaoke starts. And by 10 it turns into a full-blown nightclub. Both are great but you need to to know what you're in for.

Aleece Fitzgerald

Friendly staff, really good with allergen information too. They triple checked everything ordered to make sure it was safe for her.

Michelle Ahronian

We have done both the hibachi and sit down and we haven't been disappointed. Both the sushi and hot food is very good. The drinks are creative and varied. The wait staff is friendly. We are frequent customers and will contiue to be.

Matthew Rodriguez